Python's Patreon Appreciation Page

For all of you who have been kind enough to pledge at least Tier 2 on my Patreon page (, your name and its respective link will be shown below...

Above & Beyond Patrons


Rumplestiltskon, thank you so much for going above and beyond with your Patronage, pledging an amount higher than the top tier. It was completely unexpected and I feel most humbled, thank you!


$10 Patrons


A massive thank you to Nemora for the $10 pledge on Patreon!


Thanks so much to Vaelthas for the $10 pledge on Patreon!


$5 Patrons

A massive thank you to the following for your $5 pledges on Patreon! Do be sure to check out their links. Any people listed below that don't have links chose not to promote anything. Anyway, a massive thanks to the following peeps, I really do appreciate it. You guys are awesome!

Andrew Coleman